I Will Engage

One of my new guiding principles in life is that I will engage.  It is part of the ongoing work of God in my life.  See, I am an introvert, but more than that, I struggle with  social anxiety.   In my case, I have trouble meeting new people and being in large groups of people.  Only recently, have I been willing to talk about it.  My journey through Faithwalking in the last year has helped me to realize that there is no shame in this and that just because I struggle with it, doesn’t mean I can’t work on it.

Recently, a good friend held up a mirror to me that let me see that I was becoming too comfortable with working at home an not having a lot of contact with people. That encounter challenged me to be more intentional about engaging and finding ways to work on my anxiety.

One of my ideas was to join a tennis meetup. Meetup is a kind of social network where you arrange to meet up with people to do things that you are interested in.  My thought was that I could meet some new people by doing something that I enjoy (the bonus being another form of exercise).  Last night was my first meetup and to be honest, I was anxious all day. Several times I almost talked myself out of it, but I was determined. I had some difficulty finding the courts, and in the past, I would have just turned around, but I kept going.  It was a victory. I had fun and I look forward to going back and getting to know these people better.

I have some other ideas and friends who have been supportive and helpful with ideas.  I continue to be grateful to God for friends who are walking this journey with me and for Faithwalking which has given me insight, tools, and a challenge to show up differently in life.

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