Waiting on God

“But they soon forgot what he had done
and did not wait for his plan to unfold.”
– Psalm 103:13

I was struck by the truth in this verse this morning.  Read the whole Psalm and you begin to see the context of how the Israelites did this over and over. It is so easy to read their story through the lens of history and forget that it is our story too.  We see the Israelites rushing headlong into another error because they didn’t wait.  We wonder why they didn’t wait, when God’s awesome plan was right around the corner. Meanwhile, we live in a “have it your way, right away society.” The truth is I can’t even wait as long as the Israelites did. I want things to happen now and so, sometimes, I forget God’s faithfulness and try to fulfill His promises on my own.

I cannot see how God is unfolding His plan in my life.  What I do know, is that He shown Himself faithful time and time again. “Lord, help me to wait and to remember your faithfulness.”