On Mission With God

The message in church this morning was encouraging and a great reminder that we are all on mission wherever God has us.  Too often, we think of missionaries as people who go overseas to tell the story. We think of these people as somehow extraordinary. I know because my parents were missionaries. A large part of my identity is being an MK (Missionary Kid). I remember coming back to the U.S. every three years and everyone looked at us differently.

The truth is that those God calls to go overseas are extraordinary only because, and when they allow God to equip them and work through them.  I grew up in a community where there were a lot of missionaries. I loved it.  I also know that they are ordinary people.  They have flaws.  They even have conflicts. But when they let God work, He does great things.

Every once in a while, I get to share about growing up overseas.  One of my favorite stories to share is my dad’s story because God gave him a love of foreign languages and a particular love of Spanish. For almost forty years, dad taught French and Spanish in Africa. If you know your geography, you know that parts of Africa speak French, but not so much Spanish.  If you think God can’t use the gifts and passions he’s given you, think again. He is an amazingly creative God.  When we seek Him and allow Him to work through us, He does amazing things.

My dad has retired from his work overseas, but he hasn’t retired from being on mission with God. God gave him a passion for students and he continues to teach here.  He has taught a lot of subjects, but his greatest desire is for his students to know God.

God’s desire is for all of us to be on mission with him wherever He places us. My life has taken some strange twists and turns.  I’m not sure what God is up to in my life right now, but I know that He’s always had a plan. Today, I was encouraged, to keep my heart open and to be ready to tell my story and how it is part of His Story.


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