God of Wonders

Sunday, during church, my Pastor asked us to close our eyes and picture a moment when we looked on something and were filled with awe and wonder at God, the creator. I had difficulty picking one, so I decided to share some of my favorites.

Pikes Peak
Right after college, I spent three weeks in Colorado Springs looking for a job. I still remember the awe I felt each morning when I walked outside and looked up at Pikes Peak.  I remember wondering how anyone could look at the beauty and majesty each day and not believe in the Creator.

Colorful sunsets have always left me in awe as well. Growing up in Nigeria, I saw some amazing sunsets due to the dust in the air. I remember seeing one towards the end of my Senior year as I looked with both excitement and trepidation towards leaving the country that I called home. It was then, that sunsets became a sort of promise for me–a reminder that wherever I found myself, God was there.


During my Sophomore year of College, my best friend and I made a practice of driving out to a lake most afternoons.  We had a favorite quiet spot.  We’d go separate ways and have our own quiet times with God. Then we would watch the sunset and talk about what God was teaching us. One evening, as the sun set, I noticed that it’s reflection on the water made a small “i”. I commented that it was sort of like God was signing His signature (I am) to the day.

Masai Mara
I remember the first time I went on safari in Kenya. I was in absolute awe of God’s creation as I saw the majestic and beautiful animals in the wild and looked out over the vastness of the Mara.


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  1. Janie Jones says:

    So beautiful! Thank you for the reminders! Cool that I relate to the Colorado Springs, the Mara, and saw your “I Am” picture when you were with us! Love you! Janie

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