Gifts of Joy 2014

2014One of my traditions the last several years has been to share some of the gifts God has given me during the year.  The greatest gift God gave me this year was transformation. I am a different person than I was in January and I love the person I am becoming.  God has used Faithwalking in amazing ways in my life this year and so many of the gifts I received are related to Faithwalking. These include new Faithwalking friends who journeyed with me, or encouraged me along the way (Laura, Ali, Gail, Eva, Suzanne, Betsy, Ann, Holly, Carol, Hayward, Debbie, Jerry, Jim and so many others), others like Staci and Jamie walked with me and heard all my stories about what I was learning and what God was doing, giving my first 101 presentation, talking and doing Faithwalking homework with Ali and Laura, and more.

Other gifts include running, running in Run 4 The Children, Hill Country Weekend in Blanco with Jamie and Julie, hugs from Janie, my first trip to New Orleans with Julie, getting to have brunch with Joy Hebert in New Orleans, lunches at Taco Grill with Ali, Thanksgiving cruise with Dad, helping Staci with school work, seeing April and her family, a spring break visit from my brother and his family, seeing War Horse with Dad, and more.

2014 was an amazing year! I can’t wait to see what God does this year.

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