Gifts of Joy 2013

This year for Christmas, I got 4 jigsaw puzzles and a JJ Watt Jersey.  I am pretty happy. However, the greatest gifts I received this year were not material. They were gifts from God, sometimes given through people, sometimes directly through the Holy Spirit.  I am so grateful for these gifts of joy this year: spending part of a day with Dad taking my nephews to IHOP, mini-golf, Chuck-E-Cheese, Chick-Fil-A, and swimming; hugs from the nephews, a voicemail from one of the nephews telling me he loves me, every time I got to hug my brother, a trip to Brazos Bend State Park with my Life Group, starting a new job, movies and dinners with friends, house sitting, working puzzles, running (walking, climbing and crawling are better descriptions) the Gritty Goddess 5k Obstacle Course  in Galveston with Tanya Bernard, Amy Bedore and Barb Smith, being set free from lies I have believed for too long, starting to run 3 days a week, believing I am an Overcomer,  Ladies Retreat, celebrating my grandmother’s 90th birthday, Home Tours and hot chocolate with friends, Christmas light tour with Jamie and Julie, and so many more.

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