My name is Michelle Nicholson. I am a Missionary Kid (MK), born and raised in Nigeria West Africa. I am a Christian, a single adult, an avid reader and technology geek. This blog is a representation of these aspects of my life.

One of the things I loved most about growing up in Nigeria, was the rains.  We only had rain six months out of the year which meant the first rains in particular were always a big deal.  As I remember, they were complete sensory experience.  I can still see the dark clouds rolling in, hear the rain drumming down on the aluminum roofs, feel the cool air and the first drops on my skin, and smell the freshness of wet earth after the rain. Though I am no longer in Africa, it will always be very much a part of who I am.

I recognize that the title should be three words: West African Rains.  However, running them together seems appropriate. It is easy to compartmentalize  life into categories in writing, but the truth is that it all runs together. Though my life in Africa seems a lifetime ago, it will always be very much a part of who I am, as with each of the experiences I have had since then. God is constantly using the experiences and passions of my life to shape me.


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